xRayFM Radio

Co-hosting the Changing Same Jazz Radio show

22 February 2014
Portland, Oregon

Radio has been my love since college. I was super pumped to get to co-host this set with my dear friend Mikah Sykes. I owe my love of jazz to hime.

Show Notes

I was honored to have a special guest host all the way from Harlem in New York! None other than Claudina Sarahe Gorashi (she’s pictured in the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sweatshirt on this page); she’s a personal friend of actual living and breathing current members of Sun Ra’s Arkestra (name dropping - sorry) and a very special girl with impeccable taste in jazz and music in general. She took me to see the Sugar Hill Quartet at the legendary Lennox Lounge in Harlem last time I visited, and together we scoured the record shops all over Western Europe - a little international crate digging - expanding our already massive jazz LP collections, shipping our bounty back to the US in between stops. The set I played was primarily picked by her - and as you can tell, she knows whats up!